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Zahra on the Issues


After hearing from you, here are the top issues we have identified:


Maintaining Strong Schools

As a product of our public school system, Zahra knows that education is the surest route to upward economic mobility, a strong economy, and vibrant communities.

In the State Senate, Zahra will work to:

  1. Fully fund public education;
  2. Reduce class sizes;
  3. Evaluate the number of standardized tests taken yearly to ensure they remain a helpful tool rather than a burden;
  4. Restore HOPE scholarship funding, to include technical colleges;
  5. Encourage colleges to control costs; and
  6. Provide universal pre-kindergarten for 4-year-olds.

Expanding Access to Affordable Healthcare

Everyone should be able to see a doctor when they need one without going broke. 

In the State Senate, Zahra will work to:

  1. Lower premiums and deductibles;
  2. Accept federal dollars to expand Medicaid and to stop subsidizing other states;
  3. Support rural hospitals;
  4. Strengthen the healthcare marketplace;
  5. Provide coverage for pre-existing conditions;
  6. Provide coverage for dependents under 26;
  7. Provide coverage for birth control and prenatal care; and
  8. Evaluate and improve healthcare for veterans.

Growing Our Economy

Georgia must remain a business friendly state to compete in the world economy.

In the State Senate, Zahra will work to:

  1. Provide tax incentives for businesses to promote economic growth;
  2. Cut corruption, waste, and fraud in government spending; and
  3. Be a responsible steward of our taxpayer dollars.

Reducing Traffic and Investing in Infrastructure

If you drive through our area, you have experienced some of the worst traffic in the country and your commute has likely taken longer in recent years. Gwinnett and North Fulton counties are the economic engines of the region and we need to ensure this engine is not crippled by gridlock.

In the State Senate, Zahra will work to:

  1. Explore alternative transit options such as light rail; and
  2. Support infrastructure projects such as roads and bridges.

Keeping Our Community Safe

No one should feel unsafe in his or her home, school, job, or place of worship. As a veteran and former federal prosecutor, Zahra understands how to keep dangerous weapons out of the hands of violent criminals.

In the State Senate, Zahra will work to:

  1. Ensure background checks are enforced for firearm purchases;

  2. Keep domestic abusers and the mentally ill from purchasing weapons; and 

  3. Work with and strengthen local law enforcement.

Investing in Sustainable Energy and Protecting the Environment

Investing in sustainable, innovative, and efficient energy solutions will drive economic growth and minimize our carbon footprint.

In the State Senate, Zahra will work to:

  1. Reduce our reliance on fossil fuels;

  2. Invest in sustainable energy; i.e., solar, wind, and hydro;
  3. Protect the Chattahoochee River; and
  4. Reduce pollution.

Promoting Civil Rights

As an attorney, Zahra will continue to fight for the rights of all Georgians the same way she has fought for civil liberties in the courtroom.

In the State Senate, Zahra will work to:

  1. Defend women's choice and access to reproductive health services;
  2. Advocate against discriminatory legislation; 
  3. Secure the border and support the "Dreamers"; and
  4. Ensure access to paid family leave to care for a newborn child, an adopted child, or a sick loved one.