Today I am thinking about all the people I love

Today I am thinking about all the people I love: my two talented daughters, my loving husband, my extended family, my friends, my community, and our State. Today also has me thinking about all the new friends I've made since we started on this journey. From thoughtful policy discussions in your living rooms, to early morning breakfasts, to grassroots organizing sessions, I cannot even count the lifelong friendships I've made in such a short time. What a blessing you have been to me and my family.

Today also has me thinking about where we started and where our campaign is going. When we launched last year, we had no money, no volunteers, but we were armed with a mission to serve. I am happy to report that with your generous support, we have raised thousands of dollars and hundreds have joined our team. I am greatly humbled by your support and enthusiasm. Thank you for believing in what we can and must do.

As you know, the work continues and we will all continue to work hard together. For now, let’s rejoice by smiling and by loving one another.


Miko Dougherty